Timeusb® is a prosperous LiFePO4 battery supplier.

Partnering up with tier one cell suppliers and the cream of the crop experts on R&D front, our LiFePO4 batteries go well in RVs, Motor homes, security/surveillance systems, household/ commercial solar systems, trolling motors , automatic irrigation system,medical equipments, emergency power stations and so on.

With over 15 warehouses located in the continental America, Europe, and East Asia, you'll get the fast delivery service, the best of customer service, technical support and promptness in problem tackling. In any contingency that requires our attention, we are on call for you.

It is our most sincere and true wish to work with you on a better blueprint of a greener future.

Timeusb® Lithium Battery


Timeusb® LiFePO4 battery is a full-fledged lead battery replacement and provides powerful energy anytime and anywhere.

10 years long service life, 100% depth of discharge (DoD) and over 4,000+ cycles are given here, which makes this lithium ion battery higher quality and longer lasting.