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Here you can find many FAQs about product, order, shipping and warranty. It is recommended that you check the FAQ for specific models at the bottom of the product page.

Product related

Please follow the following rules as much as possible to connect multiple lithium batteries:

1. Same voltage, capacity and BMS
2. From the same brand
3. Purchase within 3 months

Timeusb 12V battery supports versatile connections including series, parallel and serial-parallel connections. You can connect up to 4 batteries in series (4S), 4 in parallel (4P) or 16 in series-parallel connection (4P4S).
And Timeusb 24V batteries support versatile connections including series, parallel and serial-parallel connections. You can connect up to 2 batteries in series (2S), 4 in parallel (4P) or 8 in series-parallel connection (4P2S).

No. Timeusb LiFePO4 battery is used as energy storage, but not intended to be used as starting batteries.

If you really want to use it as a starting battery, please contact our customer service: service@timeusbpower.com

Yes, however, different models are suitable for Trolling Motors with different thrusts. For example, 12V 100Ah Pro and 12V 140Ah lithium batteries are suitable for Trolling Motors with a thrust of 30-70 pounds, while 12V 200Ah Plus and 24V 100Ah lifepo4 batteries are suitable for Trolling Motors with a thrust of 70-100 pounds.

For details, please contact our customer service center for confirmation: service@timeusbpower.com

Timeusb LiFePO4 battery's ideal operating temperature for discharging is between -4°F - 140°F (-20°C - 140°F) , and for charging it is between 32°F - 122°F (0°C - 50°C).
The 12V 140Ah lithium battery has low temperature protection function:
Low-Temperature Protection:32℉ (0℃)
Low-Temperature Charging Protection Auto Recovery:41℉ (5℃)

Order related

Timeusb will recommend that you try changing your card or purchasing with another payment method.

Timeusb generally provides two types of discounts: automatic discounts and manual input discounts.

If there is a discount event or some product promotions, we will generally choose automatic discounts. As long as your order meets a certain amount, you can enjoy the discount without entering it.

If it is a partner discount or other discount, it is usually a manual discount. You will need to enter your discount into the discount code box during checkout.

Note: Only one coupon code may be applied to an order, you cannot combine multiple coupon codes for additional discounts. Coupon codes are only valid on our official website.

Please email us your tax exemption certificate to service@timeusbpower.com and allow our finance team at least one business day to review your document. If your document has met the necessary requirement, you will be notified of an approval to proceed with your order.

Please note that it is only for Timeusb website orders. For Amazon orders, please contact Amazon directly as we do not have the right to refund the tax.

Shipping related

Timeusb has multiple warehouses across the United States, in Los Angeles (CA), Dallas (TX), Duluth (GA) and Philadelphia (PA). Generally, we arrange the nearest warehouse according to the address of the order and we offer fast (2-7 working days) and free shipping.

Timeusb's order processing time is generally 1-2 working days. If it takes more than 2 working days, please contact our customer service: service@timeusbpower.com

Unfortunately, Timeusb is unable to provide specific delivery dates. However, we can provide you with some transportation time information as reference. If you want to temporarily modify your delivery date, you can notify us before shipping.

It will happen that even if you purchase two or more items, they will be shipped separately because they are located in different warehouses. If you have not received it within 5 working days, you can contact customer service: service@timeusbpower.com.

If the tracking details show that your package was delivered and you cannot locate it, we ask that you wait for a couple of business days as there may be a delay by transporters.

We also recommend that you check your surrounding area and ask neighbors to see if it was misdelivered to the wrong address by accident.

If after that time you still haven't received your package, please write to us (service@timeusbpower.com) for further instructions.

Normally, Timeusb does not provide signature service required for deliveries.

Warranty related

You can learn more through the Timeusb warranty policy. The following information is an excerpt of some important information:

Normally, Timeusb provides a 5-year warranty for lithium iron phosphate batteries and a 2-year warranty for lifepo4 chargers.

The warranty period starts on the date of purchase by the original purchaser.

For orders from the US site, please go through the warranty registration to obtain your warranty.

Unfortunately, Timeusb does not currently provide extended warranty services. However, if you need any technical support, you can contact us at any time.

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